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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”


Following the tradition of the TCS and Math communities, the authors of all publications below are ordered alphabetically


Minimizing Convex Functions with Rational Minimizers

H. Jiang 

Journal of the ACM (accepted), 2022.

Resolving Matrix Spencer Conjecture Up to Poly-logarithmic Rank

Nikhil Bansal, H. Jiang and Raghu Meka

Manuscript, 2022. Full paper.

Decomposable Non-Smooth Convex Optimization with Nearly-Linear Gradient Oracle Complexity

Sally Dong, H. Jiang, Yin Tat Lee, Swati Padmanabhan and Guanghao Ye

NeurIPS, 2022. Full paper.

Improved Lower Bounds for Submodular Function Minimization

Deeparnab Chakrabarty, Andrei Graur, H. Jiang and Aaron Sidford

FOCS, 2022. Full paper.

Smoothed Analysis of the Komlos Conjecture

Nikhil Bansal, H. Jiang, Raghu Meka, Sahil Singla and Makrand Sinha. 

ICALP, 2022. Full paper.


A New Framework for Matrix Discrepancy: Partial Coloring Bounds via Mirror Descent

Daniel Dadush, H. Jiang, Victor Reis. 

STOC, 2022. Full paper.

Prefix Discrepancy, Smoothed Analysis and Combinatorial Vector Balancing

Nikhil Bansal, H. Jiang, Raghu Meka, Sahil Singla and Makrand Sinha. 

ITCS, 2022. Full paper.

A Tighter Relation Between Hereditary Discrepancy and Determinant Lower Bound

H. Jiang, Victor Reis. 

SOSA, 2022. Full paper.

Minimizing Convex Functions with Integral Minimizers

H. Jiang

SODA, 2021. Full paper. Awarded Best Student Paper. 

Online Discrepancy Minimization for Stochastic Arrivals

Nikhil Bansal, H. Jiang, Raghu Meka, Sahil Singla and Makrand Sinha. 

SODA, 2021. Full paper.

This paper improves upon our STOC 2020 paper and obtains bounds that are off by at most polylogarithmic factors from the best offline results. 

A Faster Interior Point Method for Semidefinite Programming

H. Jiang, Tarun Kathuria, Yin Tat Lee, Swati Padmanabhan and Zhao Song

FOCS, 2020. Full paper.

Online Vector Balancing and Geometric Discrepancy

Nikhil Bansal, H. Jiang, Sahil Singla and Makrand Sinha. 

STOC, 2020. Full paper.

This paper improves upon an earlier manuscript: Online Geometric Discrepancy Minimization for Stochastic Arrivals with Applications to Envy Minimization with Janardhan Kulkarni and Sahil Singla.

An Improved Cutting Plane Method for Convex Optimization, Convex-Concave Games and its Applications

H. Jiang, Yin Tat Lee, Zhao Song and Sam Chiu-wai Wong.

STOC, 2020. Full paper.

Algorithms and Adaptivity Gaps for Stochastic K-TSP

H. Jiang, Jian Li, Daogao Liu and Sahil Singla.

ITCS, 2020. Full paper.

A Unified PTAS for Prize Collecting TSP and Steiner Tree Problem in Doubling Metrics

T-H. Hubert Chan, H. Jiang and Shaofeng H.-C. Jiang.

TALG 2020 (Preliminary version in ESA, 2018). Full paper.

A Generalized Central Limit Conjecture for Convex Bodies

H. Jiang, Yin Tat Lee and Santosh S. Vempala.

GAFA Seminar Notes, 2019. Full paper.

The Markovian Price of Information

Anupam Gupta, H. Jiang, Ziv Scully and Sahil Singla.  

IPCO, 2019. Full paper.

Near-optimal Repair of Reed-Solomon Codes with Low Sub-packetization

Venkatesan Guruswami and H. Jiang.

ISIT, 2019. Full paper.

Delay Asymptotics and Bounds for Multi-Task Parallel Jobs

Weina Wang, Mor Harchol-Balter, H. JiangAlan Scheller-Wolf and R. Srikant.

Performance, 2018. Full paper.

Journal Version in Queueing Systems 2019. 

Practical Algorithms for Best-K Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits

With Jian Li, H. Jiang and Mingda Qiao.

Manuscript. Full paper.

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